This theme utilizes the latest features of the fast and slick Warp theme framework. It comes with a broad range of layout and module variations as well as neat typography to style your content. Read on to learn more about this theme and its features:

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • 8 style variations available
  • Combine 4 background colors for the sidebar, content and background
  • Choose from 4 background photos and 13 fonts
  • 3 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • Fancy menu follower and smooth CSS animations (optional)
  • Left or centered website alignment
  • Fixed sidebar A (optional)
  • Custom Widgetkit slideshow style
  • Flexible template and column widths
  • All Warp framework features are available

Theme Styles

We provide different style variations of the default theme. Therefore to these styles we included several other style settings like colors and fonts. Combining the different style options allows you to create your own unique theme design.


Special Layout

Showroom comes with some cool layout options. We added the feature to change the alignment of your website: left or center. In addition to this you can completely fix the sidebar A. But don’t worry, you can add as many modules as you want even if the sidebar is fixed. If the modules don’t fit the site the sidebar scrolls automatically.

Site Alignment
Fixed Sidebar

Fixed Sidebar A Module

A cool feature is the possibility to combine the fixed sidebar with a fixed module like the social icons on the frontpage. To set up a fixed module add following code structure to one of the modules published in sidebar-a:

<div class="sidebar-a-bottom-fixed"> ... </div>

Theme Profiles

We created some nice theme profiles using the different styles, colors and fonts, you can choose from in the theme administration. You can create your own profiles and even assign them to different menu items. Click on one of the profile images to load it.

Theme Layout

This theme comes with a customized Warp6 module layout. The blue module positions allow you to choose a module layout which defines the module alignment and proportions: equal, double or stack. You can easily add your own module layouts. The two available sidebars, highlighted red, can be switched to the left or right side and their widths can easily be set within the theme administration. For modules in the blue and red positions you can choose different module styles. Take a look at the module variations page to get an overview.

Module Positions
Module Layouts
Column Layouts

Special Features

Featured Image

Showroom provides a great possibility to show your photography blog in a beautiful way using featured images, which benefit from the whole content width. To set up a blog like the one you can see on the theme frontpage just follow these steps:

  1. Joomla: Add an Intro Image and a Full Article Image to your article in the Images and Links option
    WordPress: Click Set featured image in the post and upload the image you want to add
  2. Joomla: Set the Image Float to none

If you want a featured image within the content use following code structure to add an image:

<span class="featured-image">
  <img class="size-auto" src="...">

Featured Module

You can also add a featured module (e.g. Slideshow) like you can see on the frontpage.

  1. Create a slideshow in Widgetkit and copy the widget shortcode
  2. Copy the following code structure and add it to a module/widget
<div class="featured-module">
  [widgetkit id=XX]
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...<p>

Custom Widgetkit Styles

We created a custom style for our Widgetkit Slideshow, perfectly fitting to the theme. To apply this style, follow these steps:


  1. Download and unzip the bonus styles package for Widgetkit available in the download area
  2. Copy the folder slideshow/styles/showroom
  3. Joomla: Paste it to media/widgetkit/widgets/slideshow/styles
    WordPress: Paste it to wp-content/plugins/widgetkit/widgets/slideshow/styles
  4. Now you can select the style “Showroom” in the settings of your Widgetkit Slideshow

Social Icons

As a little extra, the Showroom theme offers a set of social icons. They are easy to add to your content and are part of our editable Adobe Fireworks Image Source Files.

Here is a little code example how to add them:

<ul class="social-icons">
  <li class="twitter"><a href="#"></a></li>
  <li class="facebook"><a href="#"></a></li>
  <li class="googleplus"><a href="#"></a></li>
  <li class="vimeo"><a href="#"></a></li>
  <li class="flickr"><a href="#"></a></li>

Possible class names are twitter, facebook, googleplus, vimeo and flickr.